SRWP has a small dedicated team of staff consultants and works closely with a number of additional subcontractors to implement our programs and projects.

Holly Jorgensen

Executive Director

Holly joined the SRWP team in November 2011, and comes to SRWP with more than 15 years of nonprofit and resource management experience. Holly has spent the majority of her life working and recreating in the Sacramento River watershed and appreciates the amazing diversity of land use that it encompasses. Upon graduating from CSU, Chico with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, she began her career in the watershed community as an environmental educator with the Cottonwood Creek Watershed Group and then spent seven years working as a watershed management consultant for the Deer Creek Watershed Conservancy. Holly has worked to secure financial support, develop partnerships, and manage numerous programs, projects, and activities. She has a holistic understanding of the region’s watershed issues and extensive knowledge of natural resources plans, programs, and policies. Holly has dedicated her time, energy, and skills to fully understanding the ecological, social, and economical factors associated with local and statewide resource issues and will earn a Master of Arts in Geography with an option in Environmental Policy and Planning from CSU, Chico in May 2016.

As the executive director, Holly works closely with the SRWP Board of Trustees to effectively develop and implement the organization’s strategic plan, programs, and projects and works with regional, state, and federal partners to address issues affecting the Sacramento River watershed. She continues to foster SRWP’s existing relationships and establish new relationships to improve and expand communication and cooperative management actions within the watershed..

Chuck Lundgren

SRWP Webmaster

Chuck has served as SRWP's webmaster since 2001 and has nearly 35 years of programming, technical writing and graphic design experience. He has created numerous websites, developed and marketed software products, and written hundreds of articles, columns and subscription-based email newsletters.

Chuck has redesigned and maintained numerous websites including more than two dozen watershed group website in the Sacramento River watershed as part of SRWP's Web Assistance Program.

Stephen McCord

SRWP Technical Coordinator

Stephen has been SRWP's technical lead since 2008. He has over 20 years of research, teaching, and consulting experience and serves clients throughout California and internationally in water quality and watershed management. Key areas of expertise include technical project management and stakeholder facilitation, watershed and lake management, NPDES permitting for stormwater and wastewater facilities, discharge and receiving water monitoring, and water quality modeling. A particular area of focu​s has been mercury – conceptual and mass balance models, TMDLs, water quality trading, abandoned mine site cleanups, strategic planning, and facilitating stakeholder groups.

Stephen facilitates the SRWP Monitoring Committee and has lead the effort to investigate the feasibility of a long-term, sustainable regional monitoring program (RMP) for the Sacramento River Watershed. He coordinates the activities of the Delta Tributaries Mercury Council (DTMC) and the Delta Methylmercury TMDL Nonpoint Sources Workgroup including providing updates, facilitating meetings, and developing documents and reports including a methylmercury control study workplan for wetlands and irrigated agricultural lands in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.