Explore the Watershed

SWIM Digital Atlas

Digital Atlas

The SWIM mapping system consists of 200 map data layers for the Sacramento River Watershed. Explore the watershed, create maps and download PDFs and shape files. [Use the SWIM Digital Atlas]


SWIM Digital Library


The SWIM Digital Library is a map-based catalog, library, and clearinghouse for water and natural resource-related documents, stories, photographs, and other digital data. [More here]

A Roadmap to Watershed Management


The Roadmap provides a comprehensive look at watershed management in the Sacramento River Basin. [More here]


Sacramento River Basin Report Card


The Report Card provides a description of conditions relative to our expectations and goals for the Basin. It is a science-based solution to a social and management need. [More here]



The Sacramento River watershed is adversely affected by invasive plants -- agriculture, recreation, water resources, and wildlife habitat are all impacted. [More here]

Online Regulatory
Permitting Guide


This permit guide was designed to assist project proponents determine which permits they may need when doing certain types of work. [More here]

Rural Residential Development


The Sacramento River Watershed is undergoing a fundamental transformation from agricultural uses to urban/suburban/exurban uses. But as people are drawn here and develop new homes and businesses, those qualities are transformed to an urban environment. [More here]


This section describes efforts to reduce mercury in fish and wildlife in the Delta and its tributaries to levels that no longer pose a human health or environmental hazard while promoting the long-term social and economic vitality of the region. [More here]