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Climate Change in the Watershed

Featured Resource

Cal-Adapt: Exploring California's Climate Change Research


The Local Climate Snapshot tool has been developed to provide quick access to some of the most basic climate change data for a a given location. Just enter an address or click on the map and you will get simple figures and statistics for your area.

Important Resources

California Climate Change Portal
On this website you will find resources you can use and actions you can take to address both climate change prevention and climate change adaptation.

California DWR Climate Change Portal

California Water Plan
The California Water Plan (CWP) is the State’s long-term 8 strategic plan for guiding the management and development of water resources under these emerging 9 conditions and expectations, and in the face of an uncertain future. California Water Plan Update 2013 10 (Update 2013) provides a strategic vision and roadmap for California’s water future that is informed and 11 supported by hundreds of stakeholders; dozens of federal, State, and tribal entities; and nearly 40 other 12 companion plans developed by myriad State agencies.


Climate Change Handbook for Regional Water Planning

Developed cooperatively by DWR, The U.S. EPA Resources Legacy Fund, and The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Climate Change Handbook for Regional Water Planning provides a framework for considering climate change in water management planning. Key decision considerations, resources, tools, and decision options are presented that will guide resource managers and planners as they develop means of adapting their programs to a changing climate. The handbook uses DWR's Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) planning framework as a model into which analysis of climate change impacts and plann in Indicators of Climate Change in California Climate change is having a significant and measurable impact on California's environment, according to this report released in August 2013 that tracks 36 indicators of climate change and its effects.g for adaptation and mitigation can be integrated.

Indicators of Climate Change in California

This report presents 36 indicators tracking trends in atmospheric gases that influence climate, changes in the state's climate, and the impacts of climate change on California's environment and people. This report is an update to a 2009 report.

Reports on the Third Assessment from the California Climate Change Center
This series of peer-reviewed papers explore local and statewide vulnerabilities to climate change and offers new insights for the energy, water, agriculture, public health, coastal, transportation, and ecological resources sectors.

IRWM Climage Change Document Clearinghouse
DWR staff developed this clearinghouse in June 2010 to assist IRWM planning organizations with incorporating climate change information into IRWM plans. While the reports highlighted in the clearinghouse may still be among the best climate change references, the clearinghouse has not been updated since its issue date and therefore may not contain the most up to date information.