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Reclamation Board Encroachment Permit

California State Reclamation Board (Reclamation Board) - Encroachment Permit


  • Activities subject to this type of permit include any activity that would affect levees or the floodway within/between levees, or the designated floodway if no levees are present, within the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and their tributaries.

Permit Types

There is only one type of permit issued by the Reclamation Board that would be required for the project types listed previously, an encroachment permit.

Reclamation Board Encroachment Permit General Process and Steps

To apply for a Reclamation Board Encroachment Permit, one typically follows the steps below:

  1. Prepare and submit the encroachment permit application – There are two forms to the encroachment permit application, Form 3615 and Form 3615a, which can be found here. Complete these forms and send them to the Reclamation Board via the address listed in the instructions.
  2. In addition to the application forms, the application “submittal” must also include:
    • A copy of the CEQA document for the project;
    • Four copies of a location map showing the work site in relation to topographic features;
    • Four copies of a detailed plan view figure (with dimensions) of the project in relation to existing facilities and/or levees;
    • Four copies of a detailed profile/cross-section figure (with dimensions) showing horizontal and vertical dimensions of the project in relation to ground elevation and existing levee dimensions;
    • It is recommended that you include a copy of a jurisdictional delineation of waters of the United States in the submittal, if available;
    • At least two color photographs of the project site;
    • The names and addresses of all landowners adjacent to the property(ies) where the project is located;
    • The endorsement of the local Reclamation District or Flood District managing the levees and/or floodway within the project site. To determine which Reclamation District or Flood District is in your area, click here; and
    • Copies of any other federal, state, and local permits or applications for permits issued for the project.


Once the encroachment permit application has been sent to the Reclamation Board, the Reclamation Board may contact you within 30 days if they require additional information to complete the application. Once the application is considered complete, the application goes through a 60-day review period, leading to a decision by the Board during a Board meeting. The encroachment permit would then be issued shortly after the Board decision.