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Project Action Type

For more information, select the project type below that most closely describes your project.

Project Type Typical Actions

Streambank stabilization

Placement of riprap, concrete, gabion, or biorevetment in select locations along the banks of streams to prevent erosion and degradation of the existing stream banks. This does not include “lining” of the stream.

Habitat restoration

Restoration or enhancement of the natural aquatic, riparian, grassland, or wetland habitats within the floodplain of the stream.

Invasive plant removal

Removal of invasive plant species such as giant reed, salt cedar, red sesbania, eucalyptus, etc.

Stream restoration

Relocation, realignment or other modifications of portions of a stream channel; reestablishment of the floodplain; installation of instream habitat enhancement features.

Temporary stream crossing

Crossing the streambed without permanent placement of materials or construction of permanent structures.

Permanent stream crossing

Construction of a permanent structure or placement of permanent materials in a streambed for access across the streambed.