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Yolo WMA

Formed in 2001
Chaired by Rick Landon, Yolo County Department of Agriculture
General contact person John Young, 530-666-8140,
Mapping contact person Tanya Meyer, Yolo RCD, 530-662-2037 x 114,
Meetings 2 times per year in Norton Hall, 70 Cottonwood St., Woodland

Outreach Summary



  • 2 project tours for local agencies and representatives with over 45 participants each year

Project Highlights

Yolo County roadside noxious weed removal

Yolo WMA partnered with Yolo County Public Works and Yolo County Department of Agriculture to reduce noxious weeds by 99% along roadsides in the county.  A total of 1,600 acres were treated using broadleaf herbicide treatments with the goal of converting the land to native grasses.

Perennial pepperweed and yellow starthistle treatment in Grasslands Park

With partners, Yolo County RCD, Yolo County Parks, and Yolo County Department of Agriculture, Yolo WMA reduced perennial pepperweed and yellow starthistle infestations by 99% on 320 acres.  This protected threatened and endangered species in county open space.

Establishing native grasses

The WMA established many native grass plots along the Davis Bike Path, California Northern Railroad – CR99W, and Highways 113 and 505, with the goal of out-competing noxious weeds.  Project partners included Caltrans, Yolo County Public Works, Yolo County RCD, Yolo County Department of Agriculture, and California Northern Railroad.

Organizations on WMA’s MOU

California Department of Fish and Game, Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area
California Department of Food and Agriculture
California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
City of Davis Parks
Dow AgroSciences
University of California, Davis Cooperative Extension
USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
Yolo County Department of Agriculture
Yolo County Cattlemen and Wool Growers Association
Yolo County Parks
Yolo County Farm Bureau
Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
Yolo County Planning and Public Works
Yolo County Resource Conservation District

Other Regular Participants

Bureau of Land Management
California Department of Forestry
California Northern Railroad
Cache Creek Conservancy
Capay Valley Water Users
City of Woodland
California Native Plant Society
Dunnigan Water District
Putah Creek Council
Quail Ridge Conservancy
Reclamation Districts
Solano Irrigation District
UC Davis Agronomy and Range Science
UC Davis, Public Service Research Program
USDA Aquatic Research
Yolo Basin Foundation