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Field trainings are an excellent way to learn about tools and techniques.
Photo: California Invasive Plant Council

See lists below of resources for training weed workers as well as heightening public awareness.

Resources for training weed workers

Field courses are offered by the California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC) throughout the state. The field courses are designed for land managers, restoration practitioners, stewardship volunteers, and agency staff. Cal-IPC also organizes an annual Symposium, which brings weed workers together to share knowledge and experience. Cal-IPC publishes the quarterly news journal Cal-IPC News.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture organizes an annual statewide Weed Management Area meeting. Topics such as strategic planning, fundraising, and environmental compliance are discussed. CDFA publishes the quarterly news journal Noxious Times.

Resource Conservation Districts and Weed Management Areas may offer publications, classes and weed tours specifically designed for weed workers.

Resources for heightening public awareness

Please see our responsible landscaping page for information and resources about how to prevent accidental invasive plant introductions.

Materials produced by Weed Management Areas

The region’s Weed Management Areas (WMAs) have produced a variety of educational materials, including brochures, pamphlets, calendars, posters, and handouts. To locate a copy of any item, get contact information from the profile page for the WMA that produced the item.

Butte WMA

  • "Butte County Weed Management Area" brochure

Colusa, Glenn & Tehama WMA

  • "2002 Dirty Dozen Noxious Weeds List" brochures

El Dorado County Invasive Weed Management Group

Lake WMA

  • "Invasive Weeds of Lake County" pamphlet

Lassen County Noxious Weed SWAT Team

  • "Perennial Pepperweed" brochure
  • "Scotch Thistle” brochure
  • "Spotted Knapweed" brochure
  • "Stop the spread of noxious weeds" flyer
  • "Yellow Starthistle"

Nevada/Placer WMA

  • "Noxious Weeds of the Sierras" brochure
  • Book about yellow starthistle control

Plumas/Sierra WMA

Sacramento WMA

  • brochure identifying top 10 weeds in the county

Shasta WMA

  • "Noxious Weeds, A Serious Threat to Shasta County's Resources” brochure
  • "Big Bad Brooms" poster
  • "Nasty Knapweeds" poster
  • "Terrible Thistles" poster

Solano WMA

Yuba, Sutter WMA

  • "Aquatic Weed Alert" brochure
  • "Yuba/Sutter WMA's Dirty Dozen" brochure

Yolo WMA