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1.4 Other Report Card Projects in California

Currently in California, more than a dozen efforts are underway to characterize
environmental, social, and economic conditions to report to the public, legislators, and
federal agencies. These range from the California Water Quality Monitoring Council
collaborative work on water quality indicators, to California Department of Transportation’s
development of an economic valuation method for ecosystem services, to the application
of the USEPA SAB’s method to watershed conditions (the WAF), rolled-up to regional
extents (e.g., this project).

Although no single approach for indicator evaluation and reporting has been chosen for
the state, many organizations are selecting indicators that report on regional goals or for
specific system attributes.

The organizations in California currently developing and using regional watershed-scale
report cards based on the WAF include: SRWP; Los Angeles San Gabriel Rivers Watershed
Council; Napa County; Sierra Nevada Alliance; UC Davis; Sonoma Ecology Center; Napa
County Resource Conservation District; University of California, Los Angeles; University of
Southern California; San Francisco Estuary Project; San Francisco Estuary Institute; The
Bay Institute; and the California Department of Water Resources (DWR).