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A Roadmap to Watershed Management


Many thanks are due to those that contributed to this document. The time and commitment of the following are greatly appreciated.

Principal Authors

  • Dennis Heiman, Sacramento River Watershed Program
  • Mary Lee Knecht, Sacramento River Watershed Program

Cartography and GIS Data Development

  • Zeke Lunder, North Tree GIS
  • David Medeiros, Medeiros Cartography
  • Peter Tittmann, Locus_Cor

Graphic Design and Printing

  • Linda Pucilowski, ImagePoint Design
  • Joe Zaniker, Graphic Focus

Technical Support and Research

  • Stephanie Green, Sacramento River Watershed Program
  • Chuck Lundgren, Iris Software
  • Stephen McCord, Larry Walker Associates
  • Fraser Shilling, Ph.D., UC Davis
  • Darle Tilly, ICF International

Website Design and Videography

  • Chuck Lundgren, Iris Software
  • Cody Sheehy, Autonomy Productions
  • Zeke Lunder, North Tree GIS

Watershed Reviewers

  • Meadow Barr, Cal Trout
  • Leslie Byran, Western Shasta RCD
  • Dea Knox, The River Exchange
  • Curtis Knight, Cal Trout
  • Todd Manley, Northern California Water Association
  • Mary Mitchell, Western Shasta RCD
  • Holly Savage, Deer Creek Conservancy
  • Todd Sloat, Pit River Watershed Alliance
  • Beverly Anderson, DWR, SRWP


The Roadmap project was made possible by a Proposition 40 (The California Clean Water, Clean Air, Safe Neighborhood Parks, and Coastal Protection Act of 2002) grant administered by the State Water Resources Control Board. Special thanks to grant managers Stephanie Fong and Ken Coulter.

adobe_pdf.jpg Download the PDF version of the cover here and acknowledgements here.