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Photo and Contributor Credits

Watershed Contributors

Special thanks to the following for their assistance and contribution.

Beverly Anderson, DWR, SRWP

Colleen Harvey Arrison, DFG

Meadow Barr, Cal Trout

Kathy Bishop, Battle Creek Watershed Conservancy

Patricia Bratcher, DFG

Leslie Byran, Western Shasta RCD

Robin Bryant, USFS

Vicky Dawley, Tehama County RCD

Lee Delaney, Western Shasta RCD

Colin Dillingham, USFS

Greg Dills, East/West Lake RCD

Tom Esgate, environmental consultant

Andrew Fulks, Tuleyome

Tom Gohring, Water Forum

Susan Goodwin, Vestra Consultants

Sarah Foley, Water Forum

Allen Harthorn, Friends of Butte Creek

Laurie Kehrer, Tehama County RCD

Dea Knox, The River Exchange

Curtis Knight, Cal Trout

Stefan Lorenzato, DWR

Todd Manley, Northern California Water Association

Rich Marovich, Lower Putah Creek Coordinating Committee

Gia Martynn, Plumas Corporation

Mary Mitchell, Western Shasta RCD

Brian Morris, County of Plumas

Steven Nevares, PGE

Sharon Paquin, Battle Creek Conservancy

Trisha Parker, USF&WS

Lynnel Pollock, Cache Creek Conservancy

Kara Rockett, Plumas Corporation

Holly Savage, Deer Creek Conservancy

Bob Schneider, Tuleyome

Sandra Spelliscy, The River Exchange

Fraser Sime, SRWP

Todd Sloat, Pit River Watershed Alliance

Randall Smith, Redding Rotary

Claudia Street, Glenn County RCD

Steve Tussing, environmental consultant

Phil Woodward, Central Valley RWQCB

Jeanette Wyrinski, Yolo County RCD