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Overview: Case Studies Using Uplan SWIM Layers

The Uplan model layers have been added to the SRWP SWIM map site. This allows the user to generate maps of these growth scenarios for any region. Features of the SWIM layers and Uplan layers will vary according to the scale of the map. Two example case studies are presented to demonstrate the features of the program at the various scales. Brief discussion of the issues implied by the scenarios is included.

[NOTE: these maps are a draft version of the Uplan SWIM site, currently on the offline working site, not available on the Internet. Only the Uplan layers are available, with basic roads, Uplan region boundaries, county labels, some cities, etc. Most of the other layers already on the SWIM site are not available to incorporate into these draft maps. Future maps will contain more features, and will appear more like full featured GIS maps, with water bodies, geographic features, etc. These layers need to be reviewed and approved for posting by SRWP staff/board.]