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2011 SRWP Annual Stakeholder Meeting

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company,
1075 East 20th Street
Chico, CA


Stakeholder PowerPoint Presentations available for download

Battle Creek Watershed (Sharon Paquin Gilmore)

Big Chico Creek (Nani Teves)

Regional Sustainability for the Sacramento Valley (David Guy)

Riparian Habitat Joint Venture (Stefan Lorenzato)

The Riverview Project (Jared Criscuolo)

SRWP 2011 Year in Review (Mary Lee Knecht)

SRWP Technical Assistance Workshop Series (Dennis Bowker)

SRWP Work Plan (Holly Jorgensen)

Upper Pit River (Todd Sloat)

Watershed Health Indicator Systems - Sacramento River (Fraser Shilling)

You can download the agenda here.

9:30 Registration and Sign In
10:00 Welcome and Introductions
Chris Elliott, SRWP Board Co-Chair and ICF International
10:10 Sacramento River Watershed Program: Where We Have Been and Where We are Going
Mary Lee Knecht, SRWP Executive Director & Holly Jorgensen, SRWP Watershed Coordinator

Get an overview of SRWP’s highlights for 2011 and an update on what’s coming up including a summary of the Sacramento River Watershed Regional Coordinator Work Plan. Help shape the future of SRWP and find out how SRWP can assist your local watershed efforts. .

10:45 How a “Delta Fix” May Affect the Sacramento River Watershed 
David Guy, President, Northern California Water Agencies
11:15 Watershed Health Indicators for the Sacramento River Watershed
Fraser Shilling, Ph.D., UC Davis

Hear all about the Watershed Health Indicator Program and a new Water Quality Report Card for the Lower Sacramento River.

11:45 Watershed Technical Assistance Training Program
Dennis Bowker, SRWP Training Coordinator

Learn about a new statewide watershed training program (sponsored by the California Department of Conservation) focused on all aspects of watershed management.

12:15 Networking Lunch

Discounted lunch catered by Sierra Nevada available. * RSVP required

1:00 Sacramento / San Joaquin Riverview Project
Jared Criscuolo, Below the Surface

Hear all about an exciting new project focused on the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and how it can assist local groups with monitoring and data.

1:30 What’s Going on in Your Watershed? Local Watershed Presentations:
  • Big Chico Creek Watershed
    Nani Teves, Big Chico Creek Watershed Alliance
  • Battle Creek Watershed
    Sharon Paquin Gilmore, Battle Creek Watershed Conservancy
  • Pit River Watershed
    Todd Sloat, Pit River Watershed Alliance
3:00 Sacramento River Watershed Information Module and Map Maker
Zeke Lunder, Deer Creek GIS

Check out the latest on SWIM – a map-making tool that makes it super easy to tell your own “watershed story.”

3:30 Closing Comments and Watershed Updates