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Healthy Watersheds and Fire Adapted Communities Forum

Thursday, September 22, 2016
9:30 am - 4 pm
Sierra Nevada Brewery, Big Room,
1075 E 20th St,
Chico, CA


(Above photo) Prescribed burning in Forest Ranch, CA.

In honor of Assembly Concurrent Resolution 22 which establishes the third week of September as “Sierra Nevada Watershed Protection Week.”  

The Forum will be held at the Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room in Chico, CA on September 22nd from 9:30am to 4:00pm. The Forum will focus on informing and engaging our local community and decision makers about the health, challenges, threats and good work that is happening within the Sacramento watershed. The forum will include the history of the Sacramento watershed, its status today and the work and attention it needs to remain resilient in light of our changing climate.

This cooperative effort is the result of partnerships with key stakeholders throughout the region including the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, the community of Forest Ranch, California State University, Chico, US Forest Service, University of California Cooperative Extension, Bureau of Land Management, Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression, Butte County Fire Safe Council, and CAL FIRE.

In addition to an informative discussion, a luncheon and silent auction will be held to raise funds for a landscape scale planning and watershed improvement effort in the Butte and Chico Creek watersheds.

The cost to attend this event is $30.  Sponsorship opportunities are available and include  tickets and business information marketed on printed material, website, and social media for event.

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