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Slimy Leaves for Healthy Streams: A Training in the Leaf Pack Network

Saturday, May 21, 2016
9 am - 4:30 pm
Sacramento Waldorf School, Fair Oaks, CA


Explore with Scientists, Boots in the Water Style

How can clumps of slimy leaves in a stream spark stream exploration?

The Leaf Pack Experiment is a fun, hands-on research and outreach tool for non-scientists which demonstrates how our actions on land impact life in streams and water quality. Leaf Pack promotes inquiry-based interdisciplinary watershed education and engages diverse audiences in conducting their own experiments, gathering relevant ecological data, exploring food webs, learning classification skills, using technology to share data, comparing data with those of other communities and applying that information to protect local watersheds.

Join us at our workshop, we’ll show you how!

During this workshop participants will receive an overview of stream ecology and watershed concepts based on research done at the Stroud Water Research Center. Taking our boots to the stream, we’ll then experience hands-on examination of leaf packs with live aquatic macroinvertebrates, including their identification and a look at the Leaf Pack Network web-site and database.

Explore with Scientists, Boots in the Water Style

Spend the day with us at a beautiful tributary of the Sacramento river, learning hands-on about Leaf Pack methods and how aquatic macroinvertebrates tell the story about stream health. You’ll also get to experience one-on-one time with expert scientists in the field of freshwater ecology.

Come learn about the Leaf Pack Experiment to examine the health of your local streams!! This workshop is intended for middle and high school teachers and environmental educators. The workshop is free and will be held in Sacramento, California. Participation is limited to 20 people.

Leaf Pack Network Kits can be found at

At the workshop you will receive:

  • Lunch
  • One-on-One with scientists
  • Equipment giveaways
  • Hands-on experience deploying/retrieving leaf packs from the stream
  • Training in aquatic macroinvertebate ID
  • FUN teaching techniques to bring to your classes!

Contact Tara Muenz from the Stroud Water Research Center for information or to register! 610.268.2153 ext.301


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