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Watershed Day At The Capitol: "Waters in Peril?"

Wednesday, April 25, 2018
CalEPA Building,
1001 I Street
Sacramento, CA

The California Watershed Network is pleased to announce the lineup of speakers for the 2018 Watershed Day at the Capitol on April 25th!

  • Steve Moore, Vice-Chair, State Water Resources Control Board
  • David Bunn, Director, Calif. Department of Conservation
  • Tanner Kelly, Co-Founder and President, Generation Change
  • Gerald H. Meral, Ph.D., Director, California Water Program Natural Heritage Institute
  • Alfredo Arredondo, President, Priority Strategies

We are excited to bring such an experienced group together to fill our morning in the CalEPA Klamath Room with knowledge! The afternoon will continue our annual trek to the halls of the Capitol and visits with legislators and their staff.

Registration is open. Spend the day with us!