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SRWP eNewsletter - Summer 2013

Oct 8, 2013

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Summer 2013

Sacramento River Watershed Program eNewsletter



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Greetings of Summer from SRWP!



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2013 State of the Sacramento River Watershed Forum

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sacramento, CA

7:30am- 4:30pm



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Visit our website for event information and to view the agenda.




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 The Future of Watershed Management in the Sacramento River Watershed


SRWP partnered with the Western Shasta RCD to hold a round table discussion on August 15th, 2013.


Topics and speakers included:


  Sacramento River Watershed RMP: Stephen McCord, SRWP/MEI

A Regional Monitoring Program for the Sacramento River Watershed


Statewide Watershed Program: John Lowrie,CA DOC

Sustainable Funding for Watershed Management


The Bay Delta Conservation Program: Janet Barbieri, BDCP

An Update on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan


Northern Sacramento Valley IRWMP: Eric Wedemeyer, Shasta County

The Role of IRWMs in Watershed Management


Thank you to those of you that participated! 


Please contact Holly Jorgensen for more information including a copy of the meeting summary and proposed topics and speakers for the next discussion.




Summer 2013 Watershed Highlight:



In 1998 River Partners was founded by two conservation-minded farmers who believed that the fields of habitat restoration and agriculture could work together. Now a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, River Partners' mission is to create wildlife habitat for the benefit of people and the environment.


River Partners protects the environment by implementing large scale restoration projects along streams and rivers.


River Partners works with public agencies, local governments, irrigation districts and nonprofit organizations. River Partners are considered a valuable partner for any company or public agency involved in habitat restoration.

Their goal is to balance the basic requirements of wildlife populations with the economic and recreational needs of local citizens. River Partners' scientists and field technicians have planted more than half a million native trees and shrubs, bringing life back to critical riparian areas. They've developed innovative technology, making huge advancements in plant propagation and field design. River Partners has reforested thousands of acres of riparian land, providing habitat for wildlife and improving quality of life for our communities. 


You can find more information on River Partners on their website at


River Partners' Upcoming Event: 

Mud Blast!!!


9/14/13 Sacramento River Race

10/19/13 San Joaquin River Race



The Mud Blast is a 5K trail race series that takes place along the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers. The courses wind around forests and fields where racers will tackle obstacles along the way, including:

  • Mud pits
  • Tunnel crawl
  • Haybale climbs
  • Sand traps
  • Water crossings
  • Tire fields
  • and more

The Mud Blast is for everyone, serious to silly. Have fun by the river and get outdoors! Click here for more information.


Do you have a suggestion for a future

watershed highlight? 


Send them to us!


SRWP Regional Monitoring Plan (RMP) Update


A system is needed for coordinating among the various monitoring programs efforts. Many agencies and groups monitor water quality, flows, and ecological conditions throughout the various regions of California but there is no comprehensive monitoring and assessment program. Due to specific mandates, information gaps exist.


SRWP launched a monitoring program for the Sacramento River and its major tributaries in 1998 to better understand water quality in the Sacramento River Watershed.  The successful program provided valuable information to the public and government agencies until 2007 when funding for monitoring activities has been more difficult to identify, making an RMP even more attractive.


In 2008 SRWP launched an effort to investigate a long-term, sustainable regional monitoring program for the Sacramento River Watershed. Under contract to SRWP Dr. Stephen McCord investigated the feasibility of developing and implementing a sustainable RMP for the Sacramento River Watershed. The investigation culminated in 2009 with a stakeholder meeting, and produced an Investigation Report and a two-page RMP Fact Sheet. 




In 2012 SRWP received funding to build off the work performed in 2008-2009.  SRWP contracted with Stephen McCord of McCord Environmental, Inc., and with the support of the RMP work group, monitoring committee and myself, we developed a list of key stakeholders to interview, finalized an interview questionnaire, , and scheduled and conducted interviews beginning in January 2013 and ending in August 2013.  Stephen McCord produced a memo that includes the results and synthesis of those interviews, recommends RMP functions, and suggests next steps in the pursuit of a functioning RMP.


Please visit the monitoring committee page on the SRWP website for more information and updates regarding the Sacramento River Watershed RMP effort.




SRWP Website Redesign


We're making the SRWP website more dynamic, with updated watershed news and events, Facebook and Twitter postings, and we'll also feature a regularly-updated watershed blog.


Stay tuned...




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Since 1996, SRWP has been working hard to help sustain, restore, and enhance our watershed's resources while promoting our long-term social and economic vitality.  We do this by conducting watershed monitoring, providing outreach and education, and offering support to partners throughout the entire 27,000 square mile watershed-from the Oregon border to the Delta.  To learn more, visit the SRWP website.


Keeping it healthy,

Sacramento River Watershed Program

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