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California’s First Annual Watershed Awareness Month

May 6, 2005

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What’s the best way to celebrate Watershed Awareness Month? From participating in a streamside clean-up, attending a local watershed group meeting, to protecting water quality by limiting the use of household chemicals and pesticides – there are dozens of possibilities. May is California’s first Watershed Awareness Month. The designation is intended to encourage people to learn more about their local watersheds and participate in environmental activities to enhance their natural surroundings and communities. This annual celebration is sponsored by the Sacramento River Watershed Program (SRWP) and the California Watershed Network (CWN) and supported by Governor Schwarzenegger.

“It’s wonderful to have such positive attention drawn to our watersheds,” said Mary Lee Knecht, SRWP Education Coordinator and CWN Vice President. “Watershed Awareness Month is a great opportunity for Californians to expand their knowledge and appreciation for the state’s water resources through educational activities and watershed hikes, tours, and celebrations. It is also a reminder that our daily actions affect the well being of our watershed. Simple daily actions, such as careful use of pesticides and chemicals, can make a difference in the health of our watersheds.”

Californians can learn about the importance of our watersheds by taking part in watershed walks, water quality monitoring, and other activities already taking place in their watersheds.

To find out what activities are planned in your community during the month of May, visit the SRWP web site at or the CWN web site at For more information, contact Mary Lee Knecht, SRWP Education Coordinator, at either or (916) 446-6440.

About the Sacramento River Watershed Program
The Sacramento River Watershed Program (SRWP) was initiated in 1996 to provide a forum for watershed stakeholders to work together to ensure that Sacramento River watershed resources are sustained, restored, and where possible, enhanced, while promoting the long-term social and economic vitality of the region. The SRWP consists of citizens, watershed organizations, environmental groups, educators and government agencies at all levels. For more information about the Sacramento River Watershed Program, visit the program web site at, or call (530) 879-0887.

About the California Watershed Network
California Watershed Network was established in 2003 to help people protect and restore the natural environments of California watersheds while ensuring healthy and sustainable communities. In addition to other activities, California Watershed Network organizes an annual Legislator’s Watershed Education Day and Statewide Watershed Forum to help raise the awareness of the importance of watershed management. For more information about the California Watershed Network, visit their web site at

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