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River of Words

River of Words is a California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been conducting training workshops for teachers, park naturalists, grassroots groups, state resource agencies, librarians and others since 1995, helping them to incorporate observation-based nature exploration and the arts into their work with young people. In addition to helping improve children’s literacy—and cognitive skills like investigation and critical thinking—River of Words’ multidisciplinary, hands-on approach to education nurtures students’ creative voices as well, through instruction and practice in art and poetry.

SRWP is pleased to be a partner with River of Words. Below are links to some of the region’s past winners.

2009 River of Words

You can view the winners here.

2008 River of Words

The 2008 competition received over 600 entries. You can view the winners here.

2005 River of Words

The 2005 competition received over 160 entries. You can view the winners here.

2004 River of Words

You can view the 2004 winners here.

2003 River of Words

This 2003 competition received over 257 entries with 17 regional winners. You can view the winners here.

2002 River of Words

One hundred poems and 50 art pieces were submitted to the SRWP. Most entries were from 2nd through 9th graders. There was one award for both the younger and older kids due to a lack of entries from older students. The prize was a campout weekend at the Discovery Center.