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Healthy forests provide numerous watershed benefits including clean air and water, habitat for endangered and other species, recreational opportunities, renewable energy, wood products, and more. Many of our forests are overgrown, unmanaged and facing widespread tree mortality making them susceptible to disease and intense wildfire so that these benefits are being diminished. SRWP’s Forest Health Initiative supports collaborative efforts to improve forest health by various means that includes helping to increase public awareness of the role forests play in protecting critical environmental services for humans and the environment. SRWP works with partners throughout the watershed including CALFIRE, the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, USFS, fire safe councils, and resource conservation districts to reduce wildfire risk and restore forest health in the Sacramento River Watershed. We are working with stakeholders to demonstrate the relationship between upstream conditions and downstream impacts in the valley and the Delta and build the case for protecting, restoring and maintaining healthy watersheds.

Forest Therapy

SRWP is one of a group of professionals passionate about eco-therapy and land-based interventions participating in a project to work together to facilitate the restorative effects of nature through forest therapy.  The Forest Therapy for Community Recovery project is a collaborative effort with the Association of Forest and Nature Therapy (ANFT) to train 15 local mental health providers, outdoor educators, and other health and wellness service providers to become forest therapy guides and help individuals directly affected by the Camp Fire to recover from trauma and restore health and wellness. Upon completion of certification, the participants will have the tools and experience required to facilitate healing through guided forest therapy walks.

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Butte County Forest Advisory Committee

SRWP serves on the Butte County Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) as an alternate member representing Watershed and Environment.

The FAC was established by the Butte County Board of Supervisors to facilitate public involvement and assist the County in its quest to meet the protect, enhance, and manage the natural resources as outlined in the Butte General Plan 2030.  The FAC is comprised of 5 public members and alternates representing the following areas of expertise/interest:

  • Agriculture/Timber Management
  • Recreation-Motorized
  • Recreation-Non-motorized
  • Environmental and Watershed Management
  • Economic/Tourism